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Committed to establish and maintain a positive difference to your staffing needs, we at Bytes, are a headhunting and manpower recruitment firm of repute. We have gained this recognition by providing excellent customer service and competent employees to diverse corporates, of all sizes.

We are in the business of effectively understanding your manpower requirements, procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships. With our industry expertise, we understand that company's today require more than a skilled candidate; they reach for employees who are productive, exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team.
We have a top notch assessment system that target all phases of employment, from selection and hiring to training, self-coaching and management performance.The most expensive problems companies deal with today can be solved

(or at least diminished) with a better understanding of the people you employ. By capitalizing on an individual's strengths, you can achieve more desirable results. People with tremendous potential are hired and promoted every day and put into jobs that waste their abilities.Matching people successfully with the work they do is the key.

When people feel competent, are interested in their daily duties, and have the opportunity to use their inherent talents, their productivity soars. Negative factors such as stress, tension, and conflict disappear. There is more time to pursue personal and organizational goals. You get everyone back on the success track.
Our assessments can also help you solve problems such as employee theft, negligent hiring, ineffective teams, unwanted employee turnover, and losing your best employees to competitors. The aim is to help companies work better, with advice and services in all areas of work.

We pride ourselves on being a true full-service recruitment agency. Some employers use us as a one-stop shop. Others utilise specific areas of our service. Either way, our Enterprise offers you a breadth of skilled candidates that few can match. Our company encompasses highly analytical and cogent minds that do the requisite job of selecting the candidates who could be amongst the chosen few to be recruited as per their skills and level of intellect.

Apart from traditional practices to source candidates (like advertising in newspapers), we also incorporate innovative means to procure right professionals. Our people leverage the power of technology-based recruitment and focus on relationships to make sure that our clients receive the most suitable candidates for their organization Experienced and right professionals for right job placement. Bytes, a professional executive search firm, help in Executive Job Search offering comprehensive recruiting and assessment solutions. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to help our clients find and retain top leadership talent.

  Our Business Approach

Our systematic and streamlined methodology of recruitment helps to provide apt manpower according to the Client's requirement at the stipulated time. We have qualified and efficient staff, for testing, interviewing and assessment. The selection process is handled by people with immense knowledge and experience in the field, enabling us to tackle your requisition promptly.

  Our Search Methods

Our methods of handling the search for a candidate are tailored to specific circumstances. Keeping in mind the considerations like industry-specific skills and the location of such talent, we shortlist the candidates. The geographic scope of the search is agreed upon with our client, based on their work values.

  Our Work Process

We proactively tap the market for excellent candidates. Once the candidates have been identified, we conduct in-depth interviews with each individual, and obtain detailed information (on topics such as educational background, experience, job history, career goals, personality traits, compensation etc)
Our Team and Infrastructure

We are equipped with powerful integrated recruitment technologies and have a team of seasoned expert recruiters.Additionally, all our recruiters have significant management experience. For most of the posts, they have "been there and seen it all". They understand the job requirement completely and appreciate that it is the human resource that forms the backbone of an organization's success.

  Our Expertise

We have carved a niche in the placement industry and proved that we can make a difference to the quality of your staff by increasing the overall productivity and the talent pool of your company. All our programs are tailored to fit our client's hiring needs and financial concerns.

  Some of our other discerning and value added services are:

Our unique values matching service insure the best match between the candidate and the company, considering its values, goal culture, in addition to the qualifications.

Though adequate candidates are available for different vacancies, we provide the exceptional ones and we know how and where to find them.

We have developed beneficial interview techniques and the industry experts conduct our elimination rounds. Our clients do not have to spend time searching through CV's to find an appropriate candidate. We offer you the candidates of the highest quality and from amongst the best in the industry.

We give all our clients the best of services and facilities, irrespective of the size of business contract. Companies seeking to fill a single "hard-to-fill position", say for an executive director will receive the same level of quality and service as that offered to our clients seeking labour force for massive hiring projects. We are experts at finding the exact type of individual that you need for all positions, ranging from grass roots level right through to directorships.


Our capabilities are completely scalable and our processes provide industry-leading results, regardless of the size of your company or the project in question. Some of the areas where we assist our clients are:

  Facilitating your global reach

Transcending the gender and geographical barriers, we identify the potential candidates from local, national or international locations, depending on your requirements by industry, profession and profile.

  Serving all the Industries and Corporates

We have a wealth of experience gained within blue chip and high-tech organizations as well as SME's segment, of all the possible sectors. We specialize in finding and placing workforce, professionals and senior management for companies across all industry sectors.
Searching for the candidate

We know where to locate the key people of your interest and how to generate their interest in your job opportunity. We work to ensure the perfect match.

  Short listing the candidate

If required and on clients request, we conduct a full search for the best candidates for your open position and then interview & pre-qualify them. This round is taken by industry specialists as well as HR consultants to evaluate the candidate on dual criteria of professional knowledge (like professional expertise and employment goals) and individual fit in the prospective organization.

  Hiring process

We not only identify the most qualified candidates for the job but also assist you in all phases of the hiring process to ensure that you secure them for employment
Post selection orientation and travel arrangements

Once the candidate has been selected and informed, we also arrange for his orientation program related to profile, code of conduct, labour laws of the country of employment etc.

  Efficient and cost effective services

We provide a list of qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. By leveraging our world-class facilities, recruiters and advanced recruiting technology, we help you meet the recruiting goals from an investment that is lesser than the industrial average.

  Tailor made solutions

We are a customized outsourced recruiting service organization, designed to provide a set of flexible, cost-effective hiring solutions to clients of every size and industry.

  Database related services

We have an established but confidential client database and we will be glad to provide contact referrals, upon your request and after the review of your needs. We endeavour to maximize your return on human resource investment by capturing the high quality candidates needed by your business to stay competitive

  Our partial list of clientele includes:













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